Facility Maintenance

Motion Facility Maintenance provides single-source solutions for your entire commercial, industrial or residential property, whether you are starting a new development or planning energy efficiency retrofits. As a result, we can enable buildings and facilities to operate at their full potential, all the time.

Our services are based on an integrated management model. All services related to maintaining large communal buildings and commercial spaces are undertaken in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Our Maintenance services include:

  • Integrated MEP works
  • Green Fields
  • General Services
  • We Work in partnership with our clients and their advisers to find cost-effective and long-term solutions for their projects requirements.
  • We provide turnkey solutions, from initial design to final handover
  • We Link products and services where appropriate to reduce installation, maintenance and whole life costs
  • We Work as fully accountable management contractor, providing a single source of responsibility to oversee every aspect of project management and deliver a fast-track solution.

Protecting Value through Building Maintenance and Repair

From HVAC repair to Electrical check outs, From PLC or BMS configuration to Landscaping and cleaning, we offer a variety of building maintenance and repair services.

Whether you need a fully-staffed, on-site maintenance team, or a small property network solution leveraging our service center and mobile on call service plus unit, we have the right solution for your building maintenance needs.

Our Facility Maintenance Division can save you time and money and consolidate the needs of ongoing support into one streamlined process and one easy-to-understand format.

In addition to technical maintenance and repair, we also perform critical electrical testing as well as other electrical & lighting solutions.

For large applications, we provide maintenance software tool that supports the capture and management of asset data and allows you to track, document and make sense of ongoing repair, maintenance and support for all your facilities.

The key to the success of our O&M service is early engagement so you don’t wait for breakdowns. A successful and effective maintenance operation has to break away from the “fix it when it breaks” mentality. Our goal is to optimize preventive maintenance and STOP things from breaking, increase assets availability and do so with the lowest costs. Our Maintenance Planning and Management programs include best practices to achieve this ultimate goal.

For more information about the category or any of its programs, please contact us and we will be more than glad to assist you.


Energy Efficiency Management and Smart Buildings

There are many energy efficient practices and appliances that you can use to reduce energy consumption through energy efficient measures, not only are we conserving our fuel consumption but we are also reducing our carbon emissions substantially. We at Eco Motion can look at your building automation systems at various levels of controls and optimize your energy consumption by integrating an Efficient Energy Management system into your BMS or SCADA and developing an Energy saving plan and procedures that entails each subsystem and component within the building or facility. You can check link below to look for some energy efficiency tips and measures that both individuals, or even organizations or governments can adopt to save energy.


Integrated MEP

These mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) challenges require the highly cost effective asset management solutions that Motion Facility Maintenance can provide. We work as a partner to your business, and our technical services team can Provide Proactive, predictive and preventive maintenance services that include:

  • Air conditioning and ventilation system (split air-conditioning units, FCU, FAHU, packaged units, air handling units)
  • Electrical and lighting maintenance and repair
  • Fire protection (visual inspection and checking)
  • Generator set (visual inspection and checking)
  • Plumbing and sewerage
  • Proactive, predictive and preventive maintenance
  • External pipe repair
  • Security System: CCTV, Access Controls etc.
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Building management system
  • PLC: Programmable logic Controller.

Clients often want an integrated solution – a single point of responsibility for a wide range of their facilities management needs. From this unity comes simplicity and the chance to refocus on the business in hand.

With a single call, we are ready to provide services from dispatch to satisfaction follow-up, we revolutionize the way you think of facility maintenance.

Green fields

Plants shall be treated with utmost care to keep it alive and flourishing, At Motion Facility Maintenance, we believe that service is our most valuable product. And it all begins with listening to you. We will start to implement a maintenance schedule we monitor the long-term health of your landscape, focusing on cost effective solutions to protect and enhance your investment—we know exactly when to prep, plant, treat and maintain, so your grounds look exceptional year round and suggest ways to enhance your community’s value and appearance, and discuss your future needs.


Green Services Include:

  • Agronomy and Turf: A comprehensive package of mowing, aerating, feeding, and pest control keeps your grounds green and healthy.
  • Horticultural Service: Services include pruning, shrub and tree replacement, pesticide and fertilizer application, and seasonal floral displays.
  • Weed control
  • Professional Staff

General Services

Motion Facility Maintenance offer an extensive selection of Facility improvement, added value and call off Service unit services through our Annual Maintenance Packages (AMC). Outlined below is a selection of additional Facility support services available through our General Services division.

  • cleaning (internal and external cleaning and hygiene services for offices, residential buildings)
  • Pest control.
  • Masonry and Carpentry
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Installation/ servicing of fire/ smoke detectors
  • Water tank servicing
  • Installation/ Servicing of alarm and security systems
  • Swimming pool servicing
  • Air Duct Cleaning / Maintenance
  • Fire prevention equipment services

Mobile on Call service Unit

Our Mobile on Call service Unit maintenance and repair services designed for homes or smaller sites offer a broad scope of work including, but not limited to, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, lighting, regular preventive maintenance, and quality inspections.

This unit is a perfect answer for sites that may not have daily service needs but still have periodic building maintenance and repair needs. The Call off Service unit aim is to provide a professional, friendly and reliable service unit that replace, repair and fix all those little jobs around the home or office that you just don’t have the time or tools to complete.

The Call off Service unit takes care of basic electrical, HVAC, plumbing, cleaning, and flower decorating jobs. You name it, we fix it, we carry out all sorts of facility systems that require improvements or troubleshooting, building maintenance and repairs on call off basis.

All our highly skilled staff are uniformed and specialized in all aspects of property maintenance and repairs, Please call us today to receive free quote and assessment.